Faces of Sant Ana

Developed by Osama

Faces of Santa Ana is a brand that sells unique, handcrafted items like printed shirts, blankets, journals, canvas and posters, and coffee mugs. The brand’s founder approached website developer Osama Arshad to revamp their online presence and make it more user-friendly.

Osama Arshad recommended using Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, to build the new website. I created a custom theme that showcased the brand’s products and mission while also making it easy for customers to navigate and make purchases.

To enhance the website’s visual appeal, the developer used high-quality images that showcased the brand’s unique products. I also optimized the website for mobile devices, ensuring that it was accessible to customers on all devices.

The new website has been a huge success for Faces of Santa Ana, helping them reach a wider audience and increase their online sales. Thanks to Osama Arshad’s expertise, the brand now has a professional and user-friendly online presence that reflects its values and mission.