San Diego Sports Association

Developed by Osama

The San Diego Sports Association (SDSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sports and healthy lifestyles in the San Diego area. They reached out to WordPress developer Osama Arshad to help them build a new website that would better serve their members and attract new ones.

Osama worked closely with the SDSA team to understand their goals and requirements for the website. The website features a calendar of upcoming events, a directory of sports clubs and teams, and a blog with news and updates.

To ensure that the website is easy to manage and update, Osama built it on WordPress and provided thorough training for the SDSA team. I also integrated social media sharing and email newsletter signup forms to help the organization engage with their members and promote their events.

Since the new website launched, the SDSA has seen an increase in website traffic and engagement. Members have praised the improved user experience, and the organization has gained new members through the website’s online registration system.